Remee mask review, Jan 2013


I’m an owner of this gadget which supposedly aims at helping one to experience a lucid dream.

Before going on writing my experience with Remee mask, I’d like to mention that I have had twice, or three times the pleasure to see a lucid dream. It was great! That’s why when I heard about this piece of equipment I was thrilled!
Anyway, I bought it back in August and received it a few weeks ago. 3 or perhaps 4. Since then, I have been sleeping almost every night wearing it, but with no luck!

The first night I was very excited. I put it on and woke up the next only to find it laying on my bedside table… The second night was not different. Again, in the morning I found it next to me. I realized that I was waking up in the middle of the night and taking it off. I didn’t even remember doing that. It was too tight and annoying. I loosened up the strap a bit and thought that this would solve my problem.

The third night I woke up during the night because I couldn’t sleep wearing it.

I didn’t quit though. Even if my girlfriend has been telling me that those were the worse spent $112,95 ($97 + shipping fee $17.95), I haven’t stopped wearing it. There was one night that the lights woke me up but I managed to sleep back again.
For all of you who already own it, I have programmed it to “wake me up” 2 1/2 hrz later using various patterns which are repeated every 2 (or so) minutes. I have tried all three levels of brightness.

Now, I will carry on wearing it for a few weeks more. If nothing happens, I’ll sell it on eBay. After searching on the inet for others who have bought this mask, I found these two forums that have some users claiming they’ve seen a lucid dream.

For all of you who are thinking about getting one, think twice. Don’t deprive yourself of the dough for something that it may, or may not work. -I really do hope that it will though.

Peace out –

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