Christmas & Money. Friends or Foes?

Imagine yourself in a time machine.

Perhaps in a DeLorean. You know, that car from the movie “Back to the Future“. Go back to the 90’s if you will.

Specifically go to the year where Meja’s song “It’s all about the money” was somewhere up in the charts (it’s not the best song ever, but it was a catchy tune).

Back then, I think was one of the top periods of money worshiping, or simply put: greediness’s high season.

Everybody wanted it. Most of the people (in Greece) had it, but still, wanted more.

It was a time when people thought they could all be richer than a nutritious meal. But why was that?

Surely everybody had their own reason, but in the end, was it something more than that? Could it have been something more than just the desire to be filthy rich?

Do you notice how rich people usually are college graduates, world travelers and history makers? At least on a larger scale than regular average people.

Do you know why that is? Its because they’re smart! Plus, they’ve got whatever “tools” necessary to channel their intelligence into whichever direction. Necessary being acquaintances and money.

In the meantime there are loads of people who are smart but poor.

By being poor, subsequently they usually interact with more poor people who are not necessarily equally smart.

Whether I like it or not, most of the poor people, ever so typically, are miseducated. Thus, less “classically” intelligent. It’s close to impossible for one to be intelligent enough if one hasn’t had the chance to open up one’s mind to a bigger than 10 cities radius. It’s hard if one hasn’t read 30+ books, watched 200+ movies and lived various experiences with different people.

So what does a poor smart person have to do to start hanging out with his equally smart peers who belong to a different financial status? How can he/she improve his/her living standards so as to switch groups?

An annoying truth to this whole thing, is that poor people, due to their living standards, tend to have issues of self esteem & confidence.

They feel more insecure, vulnerable and in the long run, I think due to these pre-engagements in their minds they cease having that smartness spark.

Rich people on the other hand, don’t have these disadvantages.

Their minds isn’t as preoccupied with things poor people face and in the long run they have more chances of evolving that spark into true ingenuity.

Is it possible for smart poor people to be around smart rich people? Is it possible that their children will instead?

Money and status is one thing that many people want but I think only some of them, the smart ones, know the real value behind all the extravagance.

Meja perhaps was right in the 90’s but she’s not in the noughties.

These days it’s not all about the money per se. It’s also about life itself. Having higher income means having smarter people around you.

Could money, smartly earned, really bring happiness? Could a poor, cold night of lonely Christmas bring warmth and happiness that will last through the new year? Christmas or Money?

Will the smart people overcome eventually? Poor & rich.

Merry Christmas to all.

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