Children see. Children do.

Μια μέρα

Ένα συγκινητικό ποίημα που αξίζει την προσοχή σου. Ευχαριστώ τον Δημήτρη Δ. για την πρωτοβουλία του να μεταφράσει το βίντεο και να το μοιραστεί μαζί μου.

How advertising works

Pervert’s guide to ideology

5 out of 5 stars.

Η “πραγματικότητα” στην οποία ζούμε

Turning yourself into a company

Jennifer Lyn Morone, Inc from jennifer morone on Vimeo.

Jennifer Lyn Morone has turned herself into a corporation and collection of marketable goods and services. Everything she is biologically and intellectually, everything she does, learns or creates has the potential to be turned into profits. Jennifer Lyn Morone™ Inc is a graduation project in Design Interactions but as Jennifer underlines, this is not a speculative project.


The power of meditation


Act to Change: Panagiotis Kantas at TEDxAUEB

Inspiring speech, worth seeing.

Diana Nyad: Never ever give up

Sarah Kay: If I should have a daughter

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