Contribute towards the charity of your choice and make a difference in the lives of the underprivileged

We are living in an online world today. People do business online. They socialize with their loved ones online. Under the circumstances, it should not surprise you that people do charity online. In fact, this is a beautiful initiative where everyone benefits. A number of online websites help you do your bit towards charity while purchasing commodities online. is one such website. We shall see the working of this website during the course of this article.

First, this website wishes to clarify that it is as normal a website as any other online marketing website. Secondly, you can shop for your online Christmas and New Year gifts and donate to your favorite charities at the same time without incurring any extra cost. It seems like an attractive proposition. In fact, one must concede that it is a noble initiative in many ways.

This website works in a very simple manner. You shop for your products in the normal way as you do on any website. You can choose your product from the range of products available in stock. The second step involves you to pick up a cause you wish to support. The third and final step is to finish the payment. The website registers your donation.

You do not make any extra payment. Now, the question arises as to who makes the payment to the charities and in what fashion. The website receives a commission from the original vendor for every customer it refers. This is normal for every online trading website. Out of this commission amount, the website makes the payment of 75% to the registered charity and retains the 25% for its operational expenses.
Usually, such websites retain the entire commission amount as their profit margin. This website donates its entire profit towards the charity of your choice. They consider social duty as their paramount responsibility.

They support many charitable causes. It could range from child welfare to cancer research. Their objective is to contribute their mite towards all kinds of community-based causes. You are also able to help your favorite charitable organization in an indirect method.

This is a win-win kind of situation for all. You do not lose anything, as do not pay anything extra from your pocket towards the product. The original vendor gets his share of customers. The website retains 25% of the commission amount for its normal expenses. The biggest beneficiaries are the charities. This is the social angle of the entire exercise. People should encourage and support such endeavors for the overall benefit of society.

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